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QA Processes

iTech QA Labs, as part of its parent company iTech Labs, is an ISO accredited testing facility, offering thorough Quality Assurance testing. We provide peace of mind by ensuring your applications are reliable and resilient, and that they meet end user requirements. iTech QA Labs’ Principal and Senior consultants have between 10-20 years experience in Quality Assurance testing of online systems and mobile applications for customers worldwide.

iTech QA Labs adheres to the strictest quality standards and best industry practices for both testing and reporting.
Our high standards ensure that our personnel are adequately qualified, trained and experienced. We document all testing and test results religiously, and ensure we send progress reports to customers on a regular basis. We work hard to put your goals at the forefront, and are dedicated to helping you acheive them within an agreed timeframe, ensuring you meet all your deadlines.

We strive for continuous process improvement and always retain a high level of customer responsiveness.

On-Time Delivery

Deadlines cannot be stretched or avoided when it comes to critical software testing projects, and with laboratories in multiple time zones, iTech QA Labs are able to provide flexible resources to ensure your timelines are strictly adhered to and deadlines kept. We are committed to providing you with on-time delivery and working with you according to an agreed schedule. First, we agree with you on the schedule and specific deadlines, then it’s about working with you to achieve those deadlines. We ensure adequate resources are allocated to your project, and regularly keep in touch with you via online and other communication tools so that your project is delivered on time and within any deadlines.

Customisable Testing

At iTech QA Labs, our experience has taught us that every piece of software is different and requires a unique testing approach. We understand that sometimes this means that our successfully tried and tested set of test scripts need a bit of tweaking, or even a small overhaul in order to cater to your individual project.

Where required, we develop custom tools for testing. Over the years, we have tested various niche types of software and applications, and each time, we have relied on our experience, technical expertise and facilities to develop extremely thorough and accurate testing procedures to ensure that our customer’s product is comprehensively tested and ready for market. This is only one of many benefits of engaging with iTech QA Labs, that keep our customers coming back.

If you’re unsure about your product and what we can do for you, send us an email with a brief description of your software, and we’ll be in touch to discuss how we can fulfil your testing requirements.


We follow the ISO 27001 security standards to ensure that your valuable data and code stay completely confidential. We are also able to perform Information Systems Security audits according to ISO 27001 standards, as iTech Labs (the parent company of iTech QA Labs) is a certified ISO 27001 security auditor. iTech Labs is also ISO 17025 certified for Information Systems Security and regularly conducts security audits for its European customers.

When it comes to your intellectual property, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of confidentiality. Client submissions are stored only on secure servers, and we can arrange for email communication or confidential documents to be encrypted at your request, if necessary. We understand the delicate nature and high level of confidentiality needed for your software and code, and pride ourselves on maintaining this to standards our customers feel 100% safe with.

Reporting & Communications

You’ll receive weekly, bi-weekly or however regularly you require reporting with detailed reports according to your requirements. We ensure you remain in the loop and are well informed during the entire process, via e-mail and other online communication tools.

In addition to this, we strive to be as available as possible to answer any queries you have along the way. We report any bugs found during testing in an Excel document, showing the module name, category, priority, description and steps to reproduce, with additional columns for further comments by both us and the customer. We also include screen shots as required to further clarify the issues.

Our reporting also shows a summary of all bugs raised, closed and fixed, with their priority levels, with the weekly progress reports showing progress for each module, as well as the overall progress of the project.

We use instant messaging and audio or video conferencing as required for discussions and meetings whenever they would be beneficial to the project.