Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get Quality Assurance testing done for my Online System or Mobile App?

We always provide a fixed price proposal, which outlines the process, deliverable items and the price. To start with, you’ll need to provide us with the testing scope, including: specifications, standards, rules, instructions, mathematics, and any additional information. You may also wish to provide us with test scripts, if you want testing to be conducted against your own test scripts. Please note that in this case, our testing will be restricted to your test scripts, and we will not be testing against general specifications or standards.

You will need to have a working site available or provide us with downloadable apps for testing. Accounts and back-end access are also normally required during the testing period. We provide weekly or bi-weekly progress reports. These include progress percentages for each module tested and details for each bug found, including screen shots and references to the testing scope. We retest bugs as they are fixed, and invoice monthly based on the progress made. After the conclusion of the testing of your software, we provide you with an in-depth, detailed report and all relevant certificates.

What is independent testing and certification?

iTech QA Labs is a wholly Australian-owned testing company based in Melbourne, Australia. We are not owned by, nor do we have any interest in any other company. Our accreditation by various regulators requires us to maintain professional competence, integrity and independence in our work. Each client’s work is treated with complete and utter confidentiality.

Do I get certificates for my site?

Yes, we issue your certificate after the Quality Assurance Testing process is completed and all high and medium priority issues are resolved. Your certificate will state the products/applications successfully tested by us. The certificates themselves are hot linked to the original on the iTech QA Labs web site. These certificates give your customers confidence that the software has been independently tested for reliability and customer satisfaction.